Eckrich Premium Beef Hot Dogs
  • 1
    Boil your sausage in beer

    for 2-3 minutes before grilling for some added flavor.

  • 2
    Avoid pressing down your meats

    while grilling to retain the natural juices and get the most flavor and tenderness from your meats.

  • 3
    Keep your grill closed

    as much as possible to trap the vapors that instill better flavor, reduce the
    risk of flame ups and cook your food more evenly.

  • 4
    Spread the oil on your food

    to provide extra flavor, not on the grates. If food is sticking
    to your grill, try a good cleaning while it’s still hot.

  • 5
    Cut vegetables so the largest, flattest surfaces will touch the grill.

    Cut summer squash for example, vertically into slices instead of
    horizontally into discs.